Kingdom Lost

Now available through Amazon!

Sometimes you wait for so long for something to happen, that when it does, it’s pretty hard to believe it. Well, that’s what’s happened. On April 11, 2021, Elk Lake Publishing offered me a 3-book contract for my Lost Stones of Argonia series! A few short days later, after the advice of a multi-published author friend, I accepted that contract! I am now officially a contracted author, with book one–“Kingdom Lost“–due to come out in November of this year.

Can I say it without sounding too cliched? Dreams really DO come true! More to come and so much more to do–but I’m on my way! Excited doesn’t begin to express how I’m feeling right now. Overwhelmed? Amazed? Incredulous? Yes, all those, but I swear–I’m gonna suck it up, do my part, and make this happen! The door has opened–I need to go through it! 🙂