This list is the notification of the finalists for this year’s Oregon Christian Writers Cascade Award contest. And that’s ME, there, under Young Adult Book! “To Soar on Jeweled Wings” is the title of my latest endeavor in Young Adult fantasy. It’s also in the world of Argonia, as is my current series, but a thousand years earlier. Along with the publishing contract and making it into the semi-finals of ACFW’s Genesis Contest, this little gem makes 2021 my best year EVER, writing-wise. I like this new book a LOT but it’s great to receive some professional recognition, too.

Congrats to my fellow award-winners and to all who had the courage to enter. In case anyone thinks otherwise, writing is not an easy task. Most of us are not literary geniuses and we spend a lot of time alone, grinding our teeth, while hoping for the words to come. It’s super-nice when we finally see some victories. Now, all we have to do is wait for August when the winners are announced!