A good way to start the new writing year! Battle for the Crown made the final “long list” for this year’s Realm Award in Epic Fantasy! It’ll be a few months before we hear about the next step–into the final Finalist list–but this is a start and I’m very excited. Battle for the Crown was hard to write for so many reasons–so many things had to come together in this series finale, and I was saying goodbye to characters who had become more than real to me, but still, it was so fun. I hope you’ve read it and hope you loved it–along with the earlier books in the series! I’ve been told it’s a tearjerker, which as far as I’m concerned–is a compliment! What did you think?

Keep your fingers crossed as those final votes come in to make it to the next level. If I get there–you’ll hear my shouts of joy (or, more likely) you’ll see it here. Good news is hard to contain!