1. I received an offer of publication for my trilogy–“The Lost Stones of Argonia”–from Paraklesis Press! Paraklesis is a small, boutique press that specializes in books for children and teens. They are relatively new but have turned out some beautiful books. The editor/publisher has also been operating as my agent for the last couple years. Sally has shown my book to several other publishers and though there’s been some interest, no serious bites. 🙁 Sally finally spoke up, saying she’d love to publish it if I was interested…I AM interested, but the manuscript is currently in the hands of other companies who say they’ll get back with us soon. How soon? Well, that’s always a good question. We’ll see!
  2. I was invited to do my first ever podcast back in December. I thought this would be a great opportunity to start getting my name out there, pre-publication, to start building an audience for when and if….I assumed it’d be a Q & A about being an author, and agreed to drive down to McMinnville, Oregon, in January to record the podcast. Only after agreeing and listening to a few other segments of this podcast, did I realize what all was involved. Yikes! This podcast has featured several authors lately but is done by a women’s ministry at a church. They wanted to know about my spiritual life and how writing entered in. AND, I needed to do most all the talking! Those of you who know me in the flesh know that I can talk. And talk and talk and talk. BUT this was different. They wanted to know about my life. We’re talking PERSONAL stuff! I sort of lost it (ask the IT guy!) as I tried to decide what about my sometimes dysfunctional life was fit to share with the world. Gah! It was hard…But I did it. I don’t know that it’ll help my writing career at all but maybe someone out there who listens to it will be blessed by something I shared. I hope so.
  3. I’ve just finished not one, but two, weekend online writing conferences. Such GOOD stuff, but I am overwhelmed. It’s all about learning, right? That’s why I liked working for the library for so long–lifelong learning was part of our mission statement. But wow–sometimes I think my brain is nearing capacity. Too bad we can’t do what we do with computers and just buy more memory…Or a new hard drive. {Sigh}

Ok, that’s it for now, oh, faithful supporters! Well, except that I’m sending in my new ‘standalone’ novel to a contest to be judged and hopefully win! And there’s the ongoing editing of the 250,000 word trilogy, and…well, you see what I mean?! Onward and upward–talk to you all soon!

PS One more thing! I have to actually attempt to put together a newsletter, using this site and my MailChimp account. New technology! Grrr. (Did I just say I liked learning new things??) And I’ll need to practice on someone. Hmm. Guess that will be you guys. Don’t freak out. It’ll probably be a couple weeks until I get to it but wanted to warn you. 🙂 Take care–